let me tell you a tale

they raise the curtain so
they find me locked up–
the rebel of hell, behind bars
my act?
to get in their heads
teach them the truth about laying in badly made beds
i don’t even think they realize
they’re dead

“Scorpion’s a weird name.”
they claim
the game is the same
the girls are all different
different hair, different skin
full, thin
but they’re all sisters of the exact same sin
they pour
in me
like honey
thick and sweet
how they trusted too easy
these bad boys that mommy warned them about
that broke their soft hearts
and beautiful strangers that taught them the art
of living fast and dying young
with sex and love and other
less clever drugs.

i’d ask if they gave them candy with the meds
but irony goes over their heads
for all their talk
they’re easily led

“Trust me.
God you’re pretty,
trust me.
Let me out, I’ll protect you!
Trust me,
you don’t need this map.
Trust me.
I’ll be hell in your hand-basket, baby,
trust me…
…trust me”

God they make it so easy!
pulling me with arms into
lush kisses
settle my hips between legs
smiling when they feel the scorpion’s tail
moaning “oh, my savior.”
and I’ve never bothered correcting.

I never know if they’re going to get it, but
the barest hesitance
when i’m strapping them into the wheel of fate
like my lesson might be sinking in
before it’s too late…
“You won’t miss, will you?”

“Don’t worry, it’s all part of the act!
I never miss, you can trust me on that.”
“What’re you gonna aim for?”
“These knives are gonna go where I placed all those tender kisses earlier,
don’t you remember?
One between those soft thighs,
two below the wrist..
One of them through your pretty heart.”
after all,
don’t we all have our parts?

tender little tadpole
with that sea-foam satin falling
over and down
sweet as a peach
with a smile so pink
I could have cried
could have died
“Trust me, come on, I’m not gonna bite.”
it was easy
easy to press a kiss to her pretty mouth
let her pretty hand trail south
and in the heated exchange
on a pinball machine
she groans “What have you done to me?”
“I’m teaching you a lesson.”
“Oh yeah? Enlighten me.”
“Be patient,
you’ll see.”

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