the groom and his men

I saw a personality die tonight
It died in a man
It died in his eyes and his voice
Replaced with a not-right-smile
It died in a bar on a street
In a crowd
Where he came in unconscious
surrounded by confidence and then woke up to his surroundings
Without the knowledge of his friends

It is Wednesday and this bar
Is a brawling pit
tonight this one is filled to capacity with men who flash dollar bills like they are nothing more valuable than the flame on a match-tip in the middle of a hot summer
Their bodies are a furnace and they are
Loud mouths
Lidded eyes
A group of American psycho-smiles
With pressed shirts
And new ties
I feel bad for him
He looked constricted in his blazer
He doesn’t want to be here
Not with his friends, talking about the women he’ll miss
This is a bachelor party, but it’s not his

They throw back drink
After drink
After drink
I can see the shift
After drink five
when his smile became an act,
And I wondered if they noticed how much more
comfortable he was with that.

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