to be indelicate

I want you.
I want you.
It’s a fact.
I want away from that
which we are now
A friend whose lips I look too long at
I want you
But I don’t remember how to say it without my words falling flat
But I’m going to try
Because you deserve that

I want

that moment outside of a bar where you stopped my nervous rambling speech
With a kiss
It was sweet
No one has ever shut me up so pleasantly
And so effectively
And like that night
Is it wildly
Inappropriate to tell you that I really want you?

That I want the way you undress
a button at a time like you’re waiting for a sign that I want you to stop
But I yield to you
As you know I always do
Follow my gaze where your clothes are being removed
Lay a hand on my chest and push me down
It’s my move now
And I’ll bring you down too

I want the nights we spent in borrowed beds
And the way your skin burns with a heat
That warms me just the side of unbearably
As we’d tangle in borrowed sheets
I want the way you unravel me
With the intensity in your grip
The bite at my lip
I want the intake of breath when you slip
Inside of me
And the way you bruise my hips
with your hands
Twisted in my hair and just the right amount of pressure on my throat
Tracing a thumb along the collarbone
I want to explore your body like lands I’ve never seen
Do you know what I mean
When I tell you I want you?

I want the people two levels below us to hear my cries
Like they did that night
I want the four times from midnight
That left me sore
And wanting more
Until dawn
This isn’t a game and you’re not a pawn
I’ve no playbook to refer to
I just want you.

I know it’s been a while
But I want you to know that I never stopped wanting you
Even though my timing sucks and it’s hard for me to get you alone
So if all else fails
I wrote you this poem

Roses are not always red
Violets also aren’t strictly blue
(That part’s just filler, I needed this to rhyme)
I’m not ashamed to say that
I shamelessly want you.

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