the devil & the details

They say the devil took the form of the serpent
To spy
Tempt sweet Eve in the garden
But I think that’s a lie.
I think it was you.
I think you are a timeless being
Acting guileless as though you could not tell a falsehood
to save your life
No, lover.
I think it was you.
I think you tempted her with those beautiful words
you used to build up the mystery around you
because how would we know we were fools?
I think you’ve done it for a millennia and I was just one more link in a daisy chain that never ends for you.
Dodge the questions I hissed against your mouth when you pushed
with just the right amount of pain:
“Are you human?”
Human enough?
Human-shaped but something about you always seemed
too sweet,
too great,
too make-believe but still
not fake enough to warn me away
Tell me, was it was more blood than wine I drank?
Those sharp kisses at my neck—Were there fangs behind your lips?
There may as well have been for the mark you left
Was there venom in your sweat? Magnets under your skin?
I’m trying to figure out what Exactly
Drew my less-than-pretty soul to yours
That made rules seem like guidelines at best
Was it the way your heart pounded beneath your chest?
How much of it was you,
And how much of it was your lying tongue between my legs
And the drug that ran through your veins?
You blurred my lines between
Real and fake
Kissed my pristine parts
Told me I was Good
So good
So pretty
So very sweet
And yet failed to tell me that God
Had no home between these sheets.

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