not an addict

I want to unravel you 

I want to find the odd thread out and
Slip the knot loose 
   I want to let you loose to cross a line
Tap into the primal gene that lives in you
And attack it with mine
Give me bruises and pain, fine
But give me that part of you that chooses fight over flight 

   I want to watch you burn

Like something in Hell’s bright horizon
Give way to the insanity rising
Because there’s nothing sane about
the way you move and the wicked things your mouth can do

   I want to see your hands curl around my thighs and wrists
I want to watch you shudder and twitch
I want you to watch me
love it
   I want to watch you close your eyes when we’re there at the edge of the cliff
I want to see you stripped of your fear of falling
I want you to jump with me

Take my hand
Keep your eyes on me,
Give me a kiss

There’s no better way to crash and burn than this 


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