twist & howl

Today I feel like an animal.
I woke up and stretched muscles burning under skin
Feeling the shift, the cracking of bones
Like I’ve some sort of transformation sitting within
Like I don’t have nails, but claws and I can’t remember where I’ve been
And something in my reflection says ‘sin’ with a grin
And warning me to not look too closely at the skeletons under my bed

Today, I feel like an animal.
I hear the drawl of the girl who’s voice I loathe
And my teeth ache
I want to tear out the muscle and vocal chords
And see bright red spills on the floor
And she won’t speak anymore
Blonde hair buried in brown dirt
It’s hard to quell the urge to hurt today
But I’m trying for the sake
Of keeping peace
While heat lives at the base of my spine
Twitching, waiting
Seeking something distracting to take the pressure off my tender tongue and teeth

Today, I feel like an animal.
I look at the man I love and
Lips, hands, cunt
Burn hot
Rushing, churning
whispering, hissing words in my abdomen, thighs, throat
“Blood will have blood”
The whispers say love will have blood.
I want to feel my nails in his back
His body heavy on mine, his groans in my skin
I’m going blind but for the blinding need for him
And his gaze feeds my desire and it’s almost too hard to keep control
But he can’t read my mind and I’m mostly grateful
I taste the blood in my smile
And wonder if he could too
If my kiss would taste like the violent truth.

Today I felt like an animal,
An impostor in human skin
I woke up with no memories of tearing flesh or being fucked,
But with the ends of a dream of four legs and warm pelt.
Awake to walk among those living easy in the sun,
And yet, so aware of the full moons desires living in my blood.


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